Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vagina Monologues Has Done it Again

Saturday night’s performance of the Vagina Monologues written by Eve Ensler, at the Performing Arts Center, was a spectacular one that will never be forgotten. Having been in past productions since freshman year and seeing many actresses perform each monologue in different ways based on their own interpretations, this one definitely takes the cake. Each monologue had its own personal story behind it. All were either inspired by the stories of women or direct quotes from women who were brave enough to share them with strangers. Some stories were so moving they needed to let the world know about the struggles they faced so that many other women who can relate to them will also have the courage to share theirs as well.
In the corridor by the entrance, there were tables set up selling things like beautiful scarfs and buttons and other things to raise money for V-Day. Upon entering the theatre, there was some female empowering music by Beyonce playing through the speaker system. The show started off with a brief introduction stating the purpose of the play, making the school psychologists known to audience members who may be feeling emotional during the show, making V-Day and the 1 Billion Rising movement known, and of course asking audience members to silence their phones.
Not much later did the show grab the audience’s attention with a funny skit between four ladies talking about how the word “vagina” sounds like a medical instrument, let alone the ridiculous things it would wear if it could dress, like “An electrical shock device to keep unwanted strangers away” or what it would say if it could speak like “Where’s Brian?” (Full Cast). Soon after that, they dived right into the monologues starting with a woman that had an adulterous husband who complained about her hair “down there” and forced her to shave it in order for him to stop cheating on her. Unfortunately, things stayed the same. The next monologue was based off an older woman who had never really had a sexual experience was both sad and touching. She had cancer and had to get her whole reproductive system removed; the doctor told her that “If you don’t use it, you lose it” (Catey Mayhew). She was later grateful that she had a chance to tell her story with someone else.
In the midst of the show, there were also some disturbing facts that were shared. It was shared that female circumcision could lead to death and females who get circumcised can expect a glass shard or a razor to cut off their clitoris and get sewn up. However, the play did end on a HILARIOUS note. During one of the last monologues, a tax-lawyer turned sex-worker demonstrated the many kinds of moans she heard in her line of work. She would try to find the home of a moan, “sometimes I would make them find it in front of me…” (Beau Hartman). That one was fall-out-your-seat funny.
The video clip that was played toward the end of the show to promote awareness of the 1 Billion women around the world that are abused, sexually, physically, or emotionally each year, and their willingness to overcome it, was a nice touch and a good way to round up the play.

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