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Blog on Andy Luhmann

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             Andy Luhmann was born on June 21, 1992. Luhmann is originally from Northern Virginia. He is the youngest of an older brother (23). In 2010, Luhmann graduated from Briars High School. He now attends Frostburg State majoring in Mass Communications. With that degree, he hopes to become a sports journalist. Luhmann is an athletic guy who actually plays for the Bobcats lacrosse team. When he was younger, he had the chance to visit outside the USA. Luhmann went to Canada for ice hockey a few times. Luhmann never owned any pets and was not too happy with that. When he was younger he always wanted a dog but his mother never seemed keen on that idea. Although he never did get that dog, when he was 12 years old he received one of the best gifts ever, a skate ramp.

                    Luhmann thought he was the biggest dare devil in his neighborhood, and with the skate ramp he felt as though he could prove that to his fellow neighbors. The coolest place he ever visited was California. He felt as though it was humbling to see how people lived on the west coast, and how much a difference it was from living in the east coast. In his spare time he also enjoys to play Xbox 360 any type of sports game of course and Call of Duty with his roommates. His favorite NFL football team would be the Minnesota Vikings. When it comes to college teams he roots for Notre Dame all the way. Three things Luhmann couldn’t live without would be his family, friends, and sports. If there were no sports Luhmann honestly has no clue how he could fill his time.




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