Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bonnie Beasley: Basks in the Bliss of Frostburg State

         You’ll most likely see her before she sees you. She’s hard to miss. Bonnie Beasley is an outgoing, people loving sophomore from the suburbs of Charles County. The Mass Communications major already has the perfect aptitude and personality to snatch up a coveted PR job with a leading firm after graduating from Frostburg State. This Maryland native has big plans and has perfect role models to look up to.  An only child, Beasley has grown close to her parents, Lyn and Bill who both have successful careers in government. “I look up to them, they provided everything for me, and they have successful jobs,” Beasley said. Though Bonnie is currently at Frostburg State, it wasn’t her first choice. She saw Frostburg as her transfer school, while looking at the University of Maryland, College Park, as her final landing spot. But something seemed to click when she stepped foot on our mountain top getaway, it turned into a happy unforgettable moment. “I came here to transfer but I didn’t to, I met a lot people, made a lot of friends,” Beasley said. Bonnie is enthroned in the midst of a tight knit community, an off –campus sorority KTE (Kappa Tau Epsilon).
        When Bonnie isn’t doing homework, or hanging with sorority sisters, when she is off the mountain and away from Frostburg, you’ll be sure to find her traveling across the United States. Beasley as laid back she may seem is a modern day Marco Polo, or Christopher Columbus for those of us who don’t enjoy history. Beasley has explored 15 states, from North Carolina to California; the list is vast and destined to outgrow the50 states.  She’s already set her eyes on Australia, It’s the one place on Earth she would want to go and without a doubt, we can be sure to look out for her stories, pictures etc. the only question is will she stay long enough to develop that aggressive style of the British accent Australians have. Without saying Sophomore Bonnie Beasley has a bright future ahead, that will take her far from Frostburg State, but for us, who come across her in her time here, let’s enjoy it. 

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