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Every Day Is Valentine's Day for Kayla Ann Miller

This is the time of year when couples profess their love to each other with gifts, balloons, candy and cards.  For Kayla Ann Miller, a senior Communications Studies major at Frostburg State University, every day is Valentine’s Day. 

Kayla had a certain type of mate in mind but Cupid had other plans.  Not only is Kayla graduating in May but getting married a few months later.

Whether you are part of a couple or not, her interview provides tips that can be gleaned for future reference.

COUPLE: Kayla Ann Miller, 22, Brian, 33


They met at Black Bear Tavern in McHenry, MD, on April 28, 2012.

He asked her to dance and they have been inseparable ever since.


Brian proposed at the Black Bear Tavern almost four months to the day they met on August 26, 2013 


Brian always does special things for Kayla like sometimes visiting her at Frostburg State University or her job for lunch; holding her hand and telling her he loves her in public; recently making her tea when she was sick, and doing most of the cooking and cleaning.

Kayla says Brian is the type that would take the shirt off his back to help anyone if he had to.

She adds that although her fiancé is sweet and shows his love (often), he is a manly, man.  He lifts weights and yells at the television, especially during the Super Bowl game.


Their 11-year age difference didn’t sit well with her parents in the beginning.  Brian being divorced with a 7-year-old son, Evan, didn’t make matters better.  However, after watching the couple interact with each other, her parents had a change of heart and accepted Brian and Kayla’s relationship.

The age difference makes some conversations a little challenging because will talk about topics Kayla isn’t aware of because she wasn’t born or was very young.  This isn’t too much of a problem, however, because Kayla was laughing when talks about the situation.


They talked about their issues all the time and reassured each other of how they really felt and the agreed the past is the past


Although, there is a large age difference, they do have many other things in common, such as football and sports.  Also, they compromise and watch what each other wants to watch.

In wasn’t her plan to marry someone who was previously married and with a child, but gets emotional thinking about her relationship with Brian and knows he’s “the One.”

Here are more quotes she says about Brian:

 “He does all these little things that I never had anyone ever do.”

 “He wasn’t the guy I’d imagine having kids with, being older with; but, I wouldn’t change it”


Brian and Kayla will marry on October 26, 2013 at her current and childhood place of worship, Meyersdale Church of the Brethren

The reception will be at the Cumberland Outdoor Club.

At the time of this post, 250 are on the couple’s guest list.

Six bridesmaids and six groomsmen will be in the wedding party.


She ordered an Alfred Angelo wedding dress two weekends ago in Johnstown, PA.  Her mother, two sisters, her niece and friend Danielle were there.


They couple wants to have their own family one day.

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