Thursday, February 7, 2013

Taking A Big Step With Megan Lehew

By: Danielle N. Hill
English 336 .002

In today's society, the younger generation would be pretty hesitant when it comes to making decisions with their significant other. Megan Lehew 22, a sophomore Elementary Education major, with a concentration in English at Frostburg State University (FSU), on the other hand moved in with her 32 year-old boyfriend, John Gauthier, and his brother, Mark Gauthier, without hesitation.

Lehew, was born in Pasadena, Md., but moved to Ridgeley, W.Va at the young age of six years old. Lehew has been attending FSU since 2008. "I'm very slow with progressing towards my degree," referring to her education. Living in West Virginia and attending FSU sparks an interest in why Lehew did not choose a different school, but she says, "When you live in this area there are not a lot of colleges close to home." She wanted to take subsequent semesters off to work as co-manager at Books-A-Million, located in Hagerstown, Md., in order to save money for school and live comfortably. She was driving back and forth from Hagerstown to West Virginia to work when she realized that she could stay with her boyfriend and his brother since it was convenient for the two. They could spend time together and she could still make it back and forth to work each day. To Lehew and her other half moving in together was not a big deal at all.

Lehew and John Gauthier have been together for three months but have known each other for 10 years. Lehew has accomplished what many her age would be afraid to do: moving in with Gauthier. She includes,"We trusted each other enough to live with each other." They live 10 miles away from her family and she is 45 minutes away from FSU. "Everything is not too close and not too far from me," Lehew adds. With four classes and a job at Books-A-Million, located in Country Club Mall, Lehew manages her time wisely, "It gets hectic sometimes...trying to find a balance between classes, free time, and work," says Lehew. Lehew wants to teach Elementary school students in one of the schools in the area and she says, "I grew up here...I like the schools here."

According to Megan Lehew, "I have a normal life," but others may think otherwise and believe it to be pretty cool that she can live with her boyfriend without any issues, make time for school, have a social life, and work at Books-A-Million in Country Club Mall. When it comes to Megan Lehew, time management is crucial.

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