Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sports Journalism, S.W.I., And The Spring Fest

          Danielle Nicole Hill, 20, isn't like every other student. Instead of transferring out of Frostburg, Danielle transferred here because she thought Frostburg could suit her needs more than Delaware State University. But first let's start off with some background information.

         Danielle was born in Santa Barbara, California. She now lives is Baltimore, Maryland with her mother, stepfather, and her nephew. But she isn't the only one in her family in college right now. Her mother actually is attending Morgan State University also. Aside from her mother, Danielle will be the first person to graduate a 4 year college and that is one of her biggest ambitions. Her other ambitions include becoming a successful sports journalist and event planner. To achieve these dreams, Danielle is majoring in Mass Communications with a focus in Event Planning, and a minor in journalism. Watching someone talk about something they love so much is one of the greatest things in the world, and that's how it was to watch Danielle talk about her future projects. Right now she is working in her event planning class to schedule the Frostburg Spring Fest. She later on described that she gets $1000 to create a plan for the entire night with a partner.

         Although she described her love for event planning, Danielle was just as excited to talk about how much she loves softball and the New York Yankees. She said she was much more of a tomboy younger then she is right now. Danielle played 4 years of recreation softball and 3 years of varsity football for her high school.  "Some people watch football, but I would much rather watch a Yankees game. Football is like golf to me." She said that she had tried out for the FSU team, but her schedule conflicted with theirs, so she is trying out for the inter-mural team. One of Danielle's ambitions was to also become a sport journalist. She also hopes to become a successful journalist.

        If you know Danielle, you know she is not the biggest party girl. Granted she loves to go out and have fun, but she doesn't need to do it every weekend. Danielle is current involved in the Students for Womens Issues. She explained S.W.I as, "It's mainly feminists, but you do not have to be a feminist or female to join." S.W.I. is about "fighting for womens rights and equal opportunity." Danielle is very active in her fight for womens rights. She recently participated in the campus Slut Walk for a class, but soon realized that it was a great way to express yourself and not be judged. "It was pretty cool! You get to wear anything you want and not be judged." Danielle also loves to bake, but hates cooking, movie nights, Late @ Lane, random dancing in her dorm, and just kicking back with friends. Danielle may be shy at first, but once you get her to open up, you discover just how lovely of a person she really is!

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