Thursday, February 28, 2013

Edgewood Commons Activities

Edgewood Commons Apartments has events for their residents every week. These events are usually movie nights, game nights, fitness club, and many other activities. During this week, there was an Avengers game Tuesday night, a movie on Wednesday night and had a came called “Name That Tune” on Thursday. On Tuesday, the Avengers game dealt with tossing beam bags threw a corn hole. Also, people had to throw Frisbees on couches which were placed in a vertical line. The couches represent one point, two points and three points. The residents had to try to throw the Frisbee and make it land on one of the couches. “I had fun, I got to show off my skills” said Derek Kreamer. The person that had the most points at the end of the night won the Avengers movie on DVD. On Wednesday, they played the movie “Here comes the Boom” the Edgewood’s game room. “The movie was good, Miguel which was one of the people in the movie was funny as shit” stated Daniel Faison junior. The main event that I covered was the Name that Tune activity on Thursday night starting at 8:00 pm. The event was hosted by four RA’s Rasheed, Brittany, Veronica and Sarah.

            On Thursday night, many residents gathered in the main lounge of Edgewood Commons Apartment. These residents and some of the RA’s sat in the couches and started the activity. The people listened to a clip of a song and had to write down the artist and name of song on a piece of paper. “We decided to have this event because it was Black History Month and we wanted to celebrate it yet, plus everyone loves music” said Resident Assistant Veronica Morris. The RA’s put a playlist together of songs that were from African American artist or groups from the past. Some of these people were Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Salt & Pepper and many other people. Before starting the activity I asked a few people why they decide to come to this event they responded:  “I decided to come because I listen to a lot of music from the 60s up and I want to win a prize” said Brooke Greenstreet. “I came because Brooke did not want to come alone so I came with her, but it also seemed interesting. In the first round, Brooke Greenstreet came in first place and Jasmine Brantch came in second place. They both received prizes of Now 45 CD’s. “I’m so happy I won” said Greenstreet. Some people arrived after the activity begun and wanted to play but it was too late. “I would have felt confident if I played the game” said Greg Giles. After the first round of the activity, the group continued to play the game but they played all genres of music for fun. “I feel like I cannot match lyrics and songs” stated Rosemary Rosser.

By: Desiree Allison-Towson

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