Thursday, February 7, 2013

Paige Bailey: Aspiring to the top

Paige Bailey is in her second year at Frostburg State University; she originally attended Neumann University in Aston, Pa. When asked why she chose to come to Frostburg, Paige described finding Frostburg while browsing the internet.  She looked into what Frostburg State university offers, and initially decided to attend here based on the cost of tuition. Since she started, Paige has grown to love what Frostburg offers. She compared what Frostburg has to what she experienced at Neumann and she likes how Frostburg has more activities as well as being more diverse.
   Paige who is originally from Temple Hills Maryland, for those unaware it is in Prince Georges County.  Paige comes from a Family of 4, where it is herself, her older sister and older brother and her Mother. She describes her family as being close, she said in the situation they are in she has learned is that “the things the women says goes, there isn’t too much second guessing them”                                   
   When asked what she is going to major in, Paige said she’d like to get like to get into International Business.  Paige isn’t specifically sure what aspect of business she’d like to get into, but she knows she has time to figure that out. Paige said after college she’d want to be a CEO or a COO of a company. She said she’d like to be able to travel with her job in that capacity. Paige also would not mind it if her first job after graduation required her to be back living in Temple Hills, her reason was since it is so close to the District of Columbia it wouldn’t be a bad thing.
Paige has a bright future ahead of her; with still having time to decide which specific aspect of business she should pursue that ultimate goal of being a CEO or COO of a company. When asked what would be her dream job no matter how much it paid, Paige said she would like to work for the secret service. With such High career aspirations Paige is certainly reaching for the stars and beyond.

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