Thursday, February 7, 2013

Is the World Ready For Greg Snyder (Man)?

Is the World Ready For Greg Snyder (Man)?
By: Paige Bailey ENG. 336.001

When asked who Greg Snyder is there is so much you can say. 24 year old Greg who has a fraternal twin brother and older sister a loving mother and father, a second semester Junior at FSU and native of Frederick Maryland is on the right track to success. Wearing a blue plaid shirt denim jeans and white tennis shoes the 6’3 Caucasian dark brown haired glasses wearing Snyder gave me the opportunity to interview him and step into the world of Greg Snyder.

Greg who is soon to be a senior in the upcoming semester here at Frostburg State University has not always had it easy. He’s had to pay the first two years of college out of his pocket with little help and transfer from Frederick Community College to now Frostburg State University. Greg, who is pursuing a major of Liberal Studies with a minor of business, has a full work load and also works in his spare time and lives off campus. The lifestyle most students attending FSU has hopes for and dreams of fulfilling. Although it sounds fun Snyder says it’s not the easiest thing because of his every now and then problems with his roommate, encounters many restless nights and does not have the amount of free time he used to have because he’s so busy but loves to be alone and is stress free when it comes to others making excessive noise and situations that occur in residence halls.

After growing in a suburban town and having a fraternal twin brother and older siblings he’s been through it all. He’s often said that “in his family once someone does something major within minutes the whole family will know… It’s incredible”.  Though he gives all respect to his family for the support and love there were two specific people that has truly made a difference in his life; his grandparents. How can you not have an undying love for your grandparents? As he smiles and chuckles at how in recent years his grandparents have spoiled older sibling and cousins the amount of love and support his grandparents have bestowed upon Greg’s life is more than any other family member. At the age of 12 his grandparents persuaded him to play ice hockey and he has loved it ever since. Attending majority of his sporting events, ice hockey is just another attribute to place under his belt.

“An Open Letter To NYC”, “The Move”, “The Skills To Pay The Bills”, “Iris’ and “Only Wanna Be With You” are just a few of the songs Snyder has on his laptop, iPhone and iPod. All of which are songs that were popular years ago but still exist in Greg’s world. “I can’t get into the songs of this generation.. I just don’t like it”. If you turned on the radio or television you will understand exactly what Snyder is saying. Almost every genre of music suits him all but country. "Talk about falling asleep and being bored." He also loves to watch older movies that date back to 15 to 20 years ago. “Movies were so much better back then, the characters, actors and everything about it puts you in another place. Hopefully one day someone can take us back to the golden days.”

A few years from now Snyder wishes to put his degree in Business to work. The retail world has called Greg and will not let go of him. Ever since the young age of 16 years old he’s worked in retail and hopes to manage a retailing company. He says “Sometimes it mindless but he’s used to it and it pays the bills, at least he’s not working at a restaurant”. With the exerience of living near the beach and enjoying the heat 24/7 he realized that his love for retail continued to grow. With the beach and many other attractions being right at his finger tip he could not take advantage of it for the time he was there but while he was taking a walk down the beach a light bulb went off in his mind with one of the best ideas for summer time apparel and believes that one day it will benefit him and he’ll be one of the top business executives in the world.“I realized that no matter what you do in life you have to be happy. You have to love what you do”. Snyder says.

The future holds so much for Greg Snyder. Could he be the new "Snyderman?" He has the ability to change the world and he is surely transforming the world one day at a time. So world get ready, there's a new hero in town and his name is Greg Snyder.

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