Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"A Potential Future Late Night Talk Show Host: Tiffani Paolucci" By Annabelle Busia, ENGL 336.001

Born and raised in Frostburg Maryland all her life, Tiffani Paolucci, 21, is a Frostburg State University Senior who has taken her love for reading and turned it into a career goal. Nothing will stop this spaghetti eating, expensive wine drinking Italian chick.
            Paolucci is enjoying her last year here at FSU as an English major. Her reason for choosing FSU and what she liked about attending school here, was that she “made a lot of friends, I like the English Professors and my teacher. Got accepted to University of Maryland, but my parents wouldn’t let me go…and I got no scholarships” Paolucci grew up reading fairy tales and historical fiction novels throughout middle school and high school and still enjoys reading it today. Growing up, she also enjoyed playing soccer from ages 7-18 “I was more in shape then” she claims. She now enjoys reading and listening to indie music, “Like the stuff that is playing like when you’re watching a movie and there is a scene with a roadtrip”, as hobbies. She also has a deep passion for running.

            Much like any other college student, her schedule is packed with work at Martins in LaVale as a cashier and other obligations that come along with college life. However, she still makes time for her family which consists of her mother, father, sister, who recently graduated with Biology and Chemistry degree and is going back for nursing, a U.S. Marine brother who is currently stationed in Japan, as well as her cat. Like most girls, she sometimes has trouble with emotions and boys, to which she referred to as “the male species”, and hopes to someday be “married with a child and a good job” within the next 5 years.

            One of her main sources of entertainment is watching the T.V show Supernatural. Being the fun-loving individual that she is, Paolucci tries to stay optimistic in her views about life. When asked if she would go back and change anything about her life, she responded “I don’t think I’ll change anything because bad things make you smarter. It won’t allow you to be naïve.” She also claimed that her family makes fun of her because she always says “I get high on the drug of life.”

Paolucci hopes to one day work in an advertising agency or on T.V. like her hero Stephen Colbert, whom she fancies and would probably marry if he were 10 years younger, with her English degree after she graduates and also plans on doing an internship this summer somewhere close by. Most importantly, “I’ll take whatever I can get” she says laughing “I like making people laugh.”

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