Thursday, February 7, 2013

True Grit: The Story of Johnné Webster

True Grit: The Story of Johnné Webster
By Brian Sentz, ENGL 336, 002

Johnné Webster was born in Alameda, California on July 7th 1990. She is truly the definition of grit, determination and perseverance. One might read this and think that sentiment redundant, but it is important to know just what she represents and what she stands for. Her effort throughout college is something that should be admired and respected by all students. Johnne pays for her entire education by herself, as well as her car bills and her entertainment. She works extremely hard in her classes and on campus, serving in the Pizza place at the Lane Center. In addition to her job, she works extremely hard in her classes. 

Johnné is an English major. For those not aware, English majors may have one of the most demanding workloads. English majors are forced to read much more than most other majors. They have to read material that isn't always interesting. Heck, it may be downright boring, downright insufferable. Johnné does it without complaints. In fact, she loves her major. She has a concentration in creative writing. Johnné loves reading and writing, and says they make her happy. She hopes to be a novelist before the age of 35. She actually spoke with an ex at one time while she was a sophomore in college. The discussion was about her college career. She told him what she told me. She told him that writing and reading make her happy. However, Johnné isn't just about hard work. She also has a wide variety of interests and hobbies. 

Johnné enjoys singing, dancing, and cooking. Despite her hard work ethic inside and outside of class, she truly is a free spirit who also yearns to have a good time whenever possible, but with a twist. Unlike most who go out to party, Johnné does not smoke, and she drinks very rarely. She is one of the few who goes to bars and simply socializes, in addition to dancing and singing. When not out socializing with her peers, she can be found playing video games or reading manga and watching anime. Her favorite anime is Inuyasha, an anime about a demon in feudal Japan. 

Johnné is a unique individual. She knows how to have fun AND work hard. She is truly an example of perseverance, grit, and determination. 

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