Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Next Voice Of Slow Jams?

The Next Voice Of Slow Jams?

By Sabrina Stone, ENGL 336.002

Samuel Ogunyoye, 21, is a senior at Frostburg State University. He is a friendly and intelligent man originally from Nigeria. He has two younger brothers, ages 15 and 17. Samuel came to Frostburg from Charles Herbert Flowers High School in Prince George's County to study Information Technology. However, Samuel decided throughout his college years that he wanted to change majors and he will be graduating this year with a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communications with a focus in Audio and Video.

Before living in Prince Georges County Samuel had many other stops along the way. Samuel was born in Nigeria and lived there until age two. Then, lived in London with some of his family until he turned four. Samuel said, "My favorite part about being in London was seeing Big Ben- definitely the best part." From age four to five Samuel lived back in Nigeria and then when he turned five he moved to the US. When he got to the US he lived in Washington D.C for two weeks. Then, he lived in Montgomery County for two weeks. And then finally moved to Prince Georges County until he left for college.

Samuel's hobbies include working out, physical activities, making beats, and listening to music. Music has always been a huge part of his life and one of his biggest interests. Samuel plans on moving either to New York, LA, or Florida after college. He hasn't decided whether or not he plans on attending graduate school. When asked if he regrets switching his major he said only in the aspect of finding a job easier. Samuel is very goal oriented, when asked what he wants to be doing 20 years from now he stated " I know it might take me a while but one day I will own my own record company, that's my dream! Or maybe do music radio, people tell me I could be on a talk show because my voice is so low that I could do Slow Jams." Samuel will be very successful upon graduating this year, he has many goals set for himself and the Mass Communications major at Frostburg was a great experience to get him started on his journey. For more information about the Mass Communication Major at Frostburg State University follow the link click here.

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