Thursday, February 7, 2013

Skye Pinney: Written Dreams

Skye Pinney is a sophomore majoring in English with a focus of professional writing and minoring in fine arts. Although she currently lives in Cornwall, NY, she was born in Phoenix, AZ and moved to Columbia, MD at the age of six before moving to New York two months ago. Throughout the interview, Skye giggles and chuckles as she tells me about herself.

When Skye first moved to Maryland, she had to adjust to the weather change, being from a warm state like Arizona. It was here in Columbia, MD that she saw snow for the first time. Her first Christmas is among her favorite memories. Her favorite holiday however, she said Halloween because you get to “be something different for a day.” It is easy to see how that would be her favorite holiday as Halloween encourages people to get creative and think of things or people to dress up as. It gets even more creative for those who make their own Halloween costumes.  It makes sense for her favorite hobbies are writing, painting, and drawing.

Skye loves to write. In fact, it’s her favorite hobby. When she originally began her research on which college or university to attend, she looked at the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design and Maryland Institute College of Art. But because those schools were costly, she chose good old Frostburg State University instead. All was not lost though in her pursuit of writing. She is currently working as an intern with Liz Medcalf in the News and Media Services for FSU. Her duties include completed writing assignments for the FSU Alumni Magazine and organize press releases. She giggled as she mentioned another one of her duties is to clips articles from magazines and newspapers that are about higher education, saying it was “boring.”

In the future, she sees herself as an author with a “story published somewhere it will be read by many people.” She has never had any of her work published because she’s shy about sharing her work. But she is sure that one day she will be confident enough to achieve her dream. She laughs as she expresses her dream of being the next great American novelist. She pulls her inspiration from people who “commit random acts of kindness.” They inspire her to do the same. She is especially inspired by her crazy dreams. It’s these crazy dreams that inspire her to write stories. For Skye, making up fun stories and put crazy dreams on paper, putting a plot to them, and making a story out of a crazy dream.

While Skye isn’t a great American novelist yet, for now she immerses herself in extra-curricular activities.  She is a member of Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honors Society, and is a writing tutor. Even with all these activities she says she still wants to join at least two more. Aside from honoring her commitments to her extra-curricular activities, she’s currently just trying to deal with the typical college student issues.

Her ultimate goal is to be an American novelist, but for now, she’s just working on “rejuvenating her checking account, it’s looking a little rough.”
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