Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Fun

The Dating Game
Members of the audience at the event
       On February 14, 2013, the Burg Peer Education Network (B.P.E.N) hosted their 2nd annual Valentine’s Day program, “The Dating Game.” The purpose of this program is to inform the audience of the differences between a healthy and unhealthy relationship. A free, well prepared spaghetti dinner and mouthwatering red velvet cupcakes desert was given to the audience. Similar to the famous game show, The Love Connection, The Dating Game consists of three bachelors trying to win the heart a beautiful bachelorette. The host of this program was Sam Metz, also known as the “love doctor.” The three lucky bachelors were played by fellow students, Otega Okurume, Christopher Lucas, and Rasheed Howard. Okurume played the role of Lawrence Degoodboy, a 4.0 GPA student aspiring to go to med school after college. Lucas played the role of Jason Cattlecall, a good ole’ cow-wranglin’ farm boy with a 5th grade education seeking a wife to live with him on his farm. And lastly, Howard played the role of Leroy “Lethal” Jenkins, a thug out on parole in need of a woman to keep him out trouble. The bachelorette, Shakraykray Jones, was played by Winter Dyer (photo not used due to lack of consent).
Bachelors (from left to right): Lawrence Degoodboy (Otega Okurume), Jason Cattlecall (Chris Lucas), and Leroy "Lethal" Jenkins (Rasheed Howard)
Just like The Love Connection, the bachelorette, Ms. Jones, asked each bachelor a series of questions and the bachelor with the best answers was chosen to go with Shakraykray on a 7 day, 6 night trip to Hawaii. These questions were as simple as “describe yourself in three words,” and as personal as “do you have any STDs or STIs.” Some of the answers that the bachelors gave to some of these questions were ridiculously hilarious. Jason Cattlecall stated, “Naw, naw I can’t afford condoms so what I do is I go into the kitchen cabinet and grab me some of that saran wrap and just cover myself up. Then, I get er’ done!” when he was asked if he always wears a condom when having sex. Some of the answers were warm and heart-felt. Lawrence Degoodboy replied, “My heart, because there’s no better gift than love,” when he was asked what he would buy her [the bachelorette] if money was no object. Unfortunately, because of the trifling presence of “Lethal” Jenkins, some of the answers were simply embarrassing. Jenkins believed the woman should foot the bill on a date. After all of the questions were asked, it was time for Ms. Shakraykray Jones to make her decision.
Based on the answers given by the bachelors to the questions above, it is blatantly clear who Ms. Jones will choose; or should I say should choose? Before Shakraykray made her choice, the host had the audience pick their choice of who Ms. Jones should choose. Shockingly, it was close between Cattlecall and Degoodby, but the majority favored Lawrence Degoodboy. When it came down to Ms. Jones’ decision, she caught the audience completely by surprise! In the end, Shakraykray Jones chose Leroy “Lethal” Jenkins to go with her on the week long trip to Hawaii! Why would she choose him you ask? She was supposed to choose him for the sake of the overall message of this program – that is, sometimes people will put themselves in an unhealthy relationship.
After the game portion of the program was over, Makia Walker and Bobby Lemaire, members of B.P.E.N, presented some important facts about healthy and unhealthy relationships. After the program was over, I asked three students from the audience to give some feedback about how they enjoyed the show. Quantrena Summers, a junior here at FSU, said the event was interesting and fun. Kristyn Brinkley, also a junior here at FSU, said, “It was funny.” Kass Greis, also a junior, said, “I liked the dating game concept, and the ending about relationship tips.” All three of them said they would recommend their friends to come next year.

The Host: The Love Doctor (Sam Metz)

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