Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mitchell Tilghman A man with stars in his eyes

Mitchell Tilghman: A man with stars in his eyes
By: Andy Luhmann ENGL 336

            After talking to Mitchell Tilghman for five minutes, it’s easy to see that he’s passionate about the arts.  Originally from Baltimore, Mitchell wanted a true college experience so he decided to venture to Frostburg for the time of his life.  The youngest of three children, Mitchell is majoring in theater while holding a minor in journalism. As a student, Mitchell wants to be remembered as someone who changed many lives in school and will continue to change the world today.
            Although theater is obviously a big part of Mitchell’s life, it’s not the only thing he cares about.  A man of many talents, Mitchell shows his love for music by playing the guitar and drums.  Without music, art and love Mitchell does not know how he would function saying, “without these three things this world would be in black and white but “I’m bring the living color””.   If he’s not jamming on the guitar or catching the newest musical, Mitchell simply enjoys entertaining a great film or taking in the beautiful scenery that is Frostburg, Maryland.  He admits to seeing art everywhere, whether it’s in the snow-covered trees or the vast space that makes up the city.  This kind of uniqueness brings out the passion that drives Mitchell to be the person he is today.

            Being that Mitchell is 22, he soon will be leaving Frostburg State to embark on the journey that is the real world.  He hopes to start his journey in the same place he ends it, the world of American theater.  He mentions that over everything else, “theater is my passion, my everything”.  With this passion he believes that the sky is the limit in what he can accomplish.   This could involve critiquing movies, writing screenplays, or even acting him.  If for some reason he weren’t able to work with film, he would like to open his musical opportunities whether that’s by writing it, or playing it.  In any case, there’s no question that Mitchell will be make an impact on this world at one time or another, and who knows maybe one day well see him on the big screen living his dream.


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