Monday, February 11, 2013

Katina Johnson, Future Sports Broadcaster By Mitchell Tilghman

Katina Johnson is a twenty two year old student a Frostburg State University. Her birthday is January 25, 1991. Her zodiac is an Aquarius so she is definitely an openly strong young lady.  Her home town is Prince George County where she attended Charles Herbert Flowers High School. Even though she attends Frostburg State University she stated her college carrier at Garret Community. Katina family is very school oriented too. She has three siblings her older sister Kendya, her second oldest sister Colesha, and younger brother Kenneth. Katina did open up and explain that her older sister Kendya passed away a while ago but she still holds her dear to her heart. Her second oldest sister is named Colesha and she is 24 years old, also attending college at Prince George College. Her younger brother is named Kenneth. He is 20 years old and attends Garret Community College.

                Katina majors in Mass Communication because she wants to become a female sport broadcaster. She wants to “do something that she didn’t mind wake up every day doing and she loves the sport entertainment world.”  She wants to be on TV interviewing the athletes after the” big game.” She feels that “she’s a tom boy” and love to just jump in there a get her hands dirty. As she grew up she always loved sports. Playing soft ball in high school and playing basketball with her free time.  She also like to fishing and go hunting with her dad. She loves bringing home some venison or a nice trout to be cook up with the family. She is a tough, down to earth type of girl and is not afraid to whip her friends in a game of call of duty. Katina is an amazing young woman and will reach all of her future endeavor.

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