Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Wonderful Festivities of FROSTOBERFEST



"Put on Your Lederhosen & Join in the Family Fun!"

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Frostburg, Maryland is just a tiny speck on a map of the United States of America. However, as a local who has lived in Frostburg for about 13 years, I can assure you that in our case - size doesn't matter. There are many events that occur in town throughout the year, and today on the 27th of September, 2014, I was able to experience the excitement of "FROSTOBERFEST." 

A list of events during FROSTOBERFEST

Beginning at 1 PM and lasting until 11 PM, FROSTOBERFEST offered both kids and adults alike a variety of entertainment. This included pony rides, live music, a "paint a goat" station, a towering inflatable slide, face painting, balloon animals, and some delicious food. When the sun was up, Frostburg (specifically East Main Street) was packed with different families and individuals looking to enjoy themselves during this special event. However, being the insomniac that I am, I decided there would be entertainment more suited for someone my age after dark. After the sun set, I headed over to Zen Shi to try to get a scoop on what exactly people thought of FROSTOBERFEST


There was so much noise coming from Zen Shi, I was sure there had to have been something fun going on there. Drinks in hand, many people enjoyed the entertainment that a live band had to offer. However, I didn't get any closer than this. At the entrance was a tattooed, bulky "bouncer" type man who asked for my ID. Although I tried to explain to him I was just trying to get some pictures for an article for class, he still told me no. Discouraged, I decided to head to Dante's in hopes I was able to get in, since I had once before being only nineteen. 

"X's" drawn to signify unworthiness
to consume alcoholic beverages

After trekking the large hill to get to Dante's, my boyfriend and I were hopeful that we'd be able to get in. After talking to the man at the front door and explaining my situation, we had two large "X's" drawn on each of our hands, but were able to get in. I hung up my coat and made my way into the bar, up the stairs, and to the outdoor section of Dante's. Sitting at a table were a group of older adults who seemed to be having a good time, so I decided to talk to them. Dressed in an interesting outfit was a man sitting in one of the chairs. He introduced himself as John. I asked him about the events that he had the pleasure to experience during FROSTOBERFEST. He had arrived at 2 PM, only an hour after the events had started. He had enjoyed a German pretzel from Dante's, then visited a mustache teeter-totter at Zen Shi. Apparently the mustache teeter-totter was strictly for photo purposes, but made for some "great pictures." He then made his way to the Bar Monkey, which is located right across from the Frostburg library. There, they were holding a keg toss. John admitted that he only tossed a mere 13 feet. The winner of the male's keg toss tossed an amazing 26 feet, whereas the female winner tossed 19; winning herself $23. "It was fun," John concluded. "It was a wonderful adventure."

John and Stacy decked out in fun outfits
John also had a few friends with him. I was able to meet Stacy, Diane, Carol, and Jonathon - three of which also had something to add about FROSTOBERFEST. Diane said that it was "a great thing for Frostburg, lots of entertainment up and down main street and was successful for many businesses." She also added that she was "very pleased to have children involved and make it a great family event." Carol chimed in after this saying, "I did see a lot of families coming down."
When I asked Jonathon, a guy who recently moved to the area from Montgomery County, he told me it was "lonely going to bar after bar by yourself" and that 
FROSTOBERFEST gave him the chance to "make lots of friends and build connections."

It seems as if FROSTOBERFEST created an opportunity for families and people of all ages to enjoy a day (and for some, a night) in their community. This annual event is definitely something I would suggest checking out next year if you get the chance!

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