Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I want to go to Disney Land

                                                             I want to go to Disney Land
By: Wayne Cottman

       Kenyatta Malloy was born on January 25, 1993 in Fort Washington, MD. She's a senior at Frostburg State University and majors in mass communications with a minor in public relations. Kenyatta is in the sorority Alpha Sigma Tau and is currently the oldest member.

        She has an obsession for Vampire Diaries and  the Originals. Her favorite movie is the proposal. Disney channel is one of her favorite stations to watch. She loves Sandra Bullock and Miley Cyrus.
"Miley Cyrus is my favorite artist. She's still the same kind interesting person she used to be just with a new look."- Kenyatta Malloy

        There are many interesting things about Kenyatta. One of the most interesting things that happened to Kenyatta was her experience working at Disney World and how it inspired her for what she wanted to do as a career. Sometime during a semester of last year, Kenyatta decided that it was time to take a semester off in order focus on getting money and take a break from school. During her semester off, she was selected to work at Disney World for the Disney College program.

       Being very excited for the opportunity of working at "The Happiest Place on Earth", she accepted the offer. Working in the Disney College program had a lot of benefits suck as: provided housing, living in Florida for seven months, getting to be in Disney Land, and gaining the necessary experience of communications for her major. This experience is something she will never forget and is very happy to have been a part of the program.

        "I enjoyed my time working for the Disney College program. I met amazing cast members and amazing guests... Because Disney is such a large corporation that is based strongly in guest relations field it is the cast members that make them the company that they are today."- Kenyatta Malloy

        Kenyatta really liked the program and all that its done for her. In fact, she's so appreciative of the Disney World College Program that she wants to be involved with the program in the future for her career. After speaking to her about what she plans to do for her career. Kenyatta's response was," I would love to one day become a part of the division that runs the college program. Revamp the housing, offer more course that can cater to the needs of the college students participating in the program. Just make it more beneficial for the students that have taken time off of school to come and work for the Walt Disney company."

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