Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Family That Belongs to Destiny

           Destiny ShayRon Currie is a quiet person, but has much to say. She is a Sophomore at Frostburg, majoring in English, with a minor in Journalism, and while she discussed her schooling experiences, and sports she likes playing, she most of all enjoyed talking about her family.
         Destiny seemed reluctant at first to talk about her family, but then opened up more as the conversation progressed. Destiny has a big family, larger on her father’s side than on her mother’s. She noted that her father’s side of the family is on the older side, mostly age fifty or older. Her father has four siblings, while her mother has three. Destiny’s two uncles have passed away on her mother’s side, but one aunt is still alive. Her Grandmother on her father’s side has been married more than once. Her first husband passed away, and then her second husband died when Destiny was in seventh grade, not really remembering either of them that well. 
            Destiny’s Grandfather passed away, and she detailed one aspect of the funeral very well. After the viewing took place, when everyone was up at her Grandmother’s funeral site, when they were beginning to bury her, and the priest had just finished his speech. As is customary at some funerals, pigeons were then released. However, as the pigeons were released, Destiny suddenly saw black birds start to circle down from the sky and catch the pigeons. They were crows. Destiny and her brother started laughing, but her grandmother was so angry and disappointed in them for laughing at a funeral. “It was crazy. But we couldn’t stop laughing,” she said with a smile. Destiny still remembers that incident very well and said that she understands the context now, but still remembers it as being very funny.  
           Since then, Destiny has enjoyed her time at Frostburg and looks forward to taking more classes in English. She explained that she once worked at  “something called a journalism camp,” which she believes has helped her better her craft in writing. Destiny doesn’t watch that much television anymore, but she talked of how much she loves Criminal Minds. Destiny played many sports when growing up, including softball, cheerleading in high school, basketball, and tennis. When asked what kind of music she likes, she was hesitant to talk of a particular genre, but explained that she, “Likes whatever sounds good to me.”

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