Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Diversity of Jordyn

Jordyn, a junior here at Frostburg State University, has quite the variety of hobbies. To begin, Jordyn loves animals of many different kinds. She has six dogs and two ferrets as pets. "I like animals. A skunk? I'll take it!" said Jordyn. Aside from her interest and hobby of caring for animals, Jordyn loves to do a number of physical activities. Last year, Jordyn played on the women's rugby team here at Frostburg State; also, she was a "die-hard cheerleader," up until this year. Jordyn was a gymnastics coach, and a lifeguard. All of these things Jordyn said she enjoyed and (in some cases) continues to enjoy.
          The hobby that should be elaborated most on is Jordyn's interest in music. Jordyn stated that she listens to any genre of music, with the exceptions of jazz and classical. Also, she has some very good tastes in music. She enjoys all things from Ed Sheeran to Childish Gambino, and other artists that are topping the charts. However, when confronted about her favorite artist/genre, Jordyn had a difficult time deciding. Her favorite artist is Diplo, and her favorite genre of music is pop. Jordyn said, "I would go to a Diplo concert anytime!" This interest in music ties in to Jordyn's favorite video game being Dance Dance Revolution! Jordyn used to play the game all the time. Jordyn said that she used to go to the arcade with a friend of hers and play for hours on end at the giant competition setups for DDR in the arcade. Jordyn went on to say that she would even buy one of these massive competition setups for DDR to this day!
          To conclude, Jordyn has quite a diversity in her hobbies and types of music. Some other aspects of Jordyn's life are that she is a Communication Studies major here at FSU, with a minor in Public Relations. Her family is small and of a military background. Due to this military background, Jordyn has lived in seven states. This could, potentially, tie in to her diverse interests and tastes in music.Overall, Jordyn is an interesting and diverse person. It would be any one's pleasure to sit down and learn more about Jordyn and the diversity she shows in her tastes and life.

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