Saturday, September 20, 2014

Appalachian Festival; An event for all ages By: Savannah Cover

The Appalachian Festival is a three day festival that has various actives each day. Thursday they have a movie night, Friday there is a guest speaker at the symposia, and Saturday, the day of the actual festival, has day time music and actives. In attendance to the Appalachian Festival hosted at Frostburg State University on September 20, I was immediately drawn to the abundance of booths set up with different crafts and actives for all ages. The first activity that I noticed was the line of cut out goats set up for children to color and paint on. The festival was set up to bring the community and the students to be able to come together and all be entertained. Right behind this activity was where the goats were set up for people of all ages to pet and feed the goats hay. The second area that caught my eye was the Sugar Spice Bakery where dozens of Amish baked goods were laid out for people to look at and purchase. Everything laid out looked fresh and delicious, and tempting to buy.
 I asked a fellow student, Kerrigan Mills, how she was enjoying the festival “Its really cute, and such a nice day for it. I am working the children's craft section, I looked up fall home decorations for today and I have so much to give out and shows the kids, I am really excited. Plus, I got a free plant today at one of the booths so that’s pretty cool.” Her craft table was set up for children teaching them how to make crafts for fall such as construction paper turkeys and pumpkins. Also, showing them how to make paper plate masks and fall wreaths. I followed up by asking a member of the community how they were enjoying the festival Ms. Kennedy told me “ I love how entertained my kids are by all this, they haven’t stop trying to feed all the goats, plus they love being able to paint the cut out goats with the other kids. This is a great day time activity for the family” I asked her what she has enjoyed the most at the festival “I have enjoyed looking around at all the crafts that they have set out. I bought a knitted hated already. Plus, I love the amish baked goods, I buy the brownies every year.” They also had crafts that adults could buy such as knitted hats, sweaters, and gloves. Another booth had old antique tiny spoons, and knifes which seemed quite popular and was full the whole time I was there. There was also a marching band playing when I was there, but included bag pipes. The Appalachian Festival was setting up for an main event that will conclude the festival Jay Ungar and Molly Mason band will perform at 7:30PM September 20th. For further information on the Appalachian Festival go to the website provided

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