Saturday, September 20, 2014

A day in Frostburg for all ages to enjoy!

        I originally saw the Capering Kids Goat Club as I walked up and these little wooden animal sculptures were being painted by people of all age! I saw some art majors from Frostburg State University adding their own personal touch as well! As I spoke to the driver of the van, who drove these animals here said they originally intended on having some sheep there along with the goats but they felt sick before they left and they brought one along. The driver told me, "One black sheep was still in white van because he was not feeling well because of the chaos.” There was also a goat that was mainly using his two front legs to get around! Many people were drawn to this goat and his determination to get around! I overheard a few girls saying “the poor goat needs wheels to get around!”

  As I continued my journey around the festival, I stopped at the homemade soap, scarves, chap sticks and herbal products. They take at least two days to sit and process but they are in no way able to compare to the generic brands! Heirloom vegetables were also available at the stand. The next stand that caught my eye was The Wilson Stained and Fused glass. The older couple that homemakers these amazing sculptures has been doing this business on the side for 15-20 years! There were alcoholic glass bottles, molded into cheese pans! They had bottles from Three Olives to Wine Bottles. The prices ranged from 22 dollars to 40 dollars. The process contains three main steps. The oven is heated up to 1465 degrees Fahrenheit. The glass is held and flattened after 10-15 minutes under direct heat. The bottles then dry on a stand for at least 24-48 hours. Mrs. Wilson Stated “This side business has kept us sane and has actually improved our relationship over the years due to the time we spend together!”

                While walking around I did get hungry and I got myself a cup of Mt. Musser Kettle Corn! It was very good and greasy. Many other art stations and companies were stationed in the middle of campus along with some great music! These local artists put hard work and sweat into these objects and it clearly shows! As I made my way to the car, the amazing smell of Brian’s Hot dogs haunted me and I soon regretted not getting one before I left! There was so much to see and do that I will definitely recommend to my friends and I will be back next fall!

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