Saturday, September 20, 2014

Writing for the Children: Classmate Profile

DUFF-ENGL 336.002 - Lashawn Williams, currently a senior, from Baltimore City, has spent the last three years here at Frostburg State University. The mass communication major and public relations minor could be described as a coke drinking, skittles eating, chocolate chip cookie loving, Gemini-night-owl, proclaiming, “I hate mornings, I dread it.” From the outside, you see her long braids, her glasses, physical scars, the clothes she wears, and any accessory she put on that day. But (harder to see) on the inside Lashawn is terrified of bugs, she got that scar from riding her bike into a bush as a child, and she is the Professional Communications Chair of NBS and a member of BSA. She listens to pop, live bands, and hip hop. She would listen to a bunch of “live stuff over summer when [she] was going out.”
Under the surface Lashawn has many layers. She got into writing in elementary school where she started writing short stories, “that’s what I would do in my free time.” As an only child Lashawn had a lot of free time to herself, and while she had a whole kid-artist marker/colored pencil/crayon set, she spent a lot of her time writing and developing her talent. In middle school she began writing poetry; mainly about realistic things about life. Her favorite self written poem, “She is,” speaks to what society says young women should be in contrast to what young women want to be. From her favorite famous poet, Maya Angelou, Lashawn says, “Phenomenal Woman” is her favorite poem.
Her writing skill were utilized this summer at her internship with New Lenze Productions. This company, works with young adults in Baltimore City to educate youth in the city.The youth production company focuses on inner city youth problems, for example, this summer Lashawn was instrumental in the production of a rap video for educational uses on the correct way to use a condom. The skills she has been developing for years put Lashawn a step ahead of the other employees. Using this talent to help educate inner city youth, Lashawn could have changed a young kid’s life.

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