Tuesday, September 23, 2014

For The Love of Frostburg

By Davonne Walker

    Alexa Nadwodny loves many things about Frostburg State University. She is a Mass Communication major and a Public Relations and Marketing minor. Alexa has been a part of the Frostburg school community for three years now and she loves Frostburg more than ever.  Originally attending Frostburg State because she wanted to be far from home. She fell in love with the school when she came up here to visit a friend for the weekend and its been history ever since. The outdoors is one of the many things that Alexa loves about Frostburg. Being from a city in Philadelphia named King of Prussia, Alexa wanted to get away from the busy city life so that she could enjoy the beautiful simplicity of the outdoors. You may not know about the Allegany trail behind fat boys, but Alexa has run that trail many times. Alexa’s favorite season in Frostburg is autumn because “ autumn is pretty, you don’t have to sweat but you’re not cold either”. Hayrides, Halloween, pumpkins, and the changing tree colors are all things that Alexa loves about Frostburg in the fall.

  Everyone on campus has probably been to or seen the new Mass Communications Department in the CCIT building.  The new TV station has been one of the main attractions in the new building. Alexa loves the new equipment and feels that the new technology in the TV studio will help her learn useful skills for her career choice.  Alexa has been surrounded by sports since she was a little girl. She started dancing and playing softball when she was little. Softball and dancing activities that she has participated in and Alexa says that her “mom wanted me to be more girly, but my dad wanted me to play a sports”. After a while she had to choose which activity she wanted to stick with and Alexa chose softball. Alexa has been playing softball for 18 years and she even played for Frostburg State’s Women’s Softball Team for 3 years. Her love for sports has inspired her to want to become a sports broadcaster and she recently auditioned to be on camera talent for Frostburg State’s TV station FSU-TV3. Alexa wants to be a sports broadcaster and she is confident that the new TV station will help her gain the skills she needs to do so. Alexa says that “women broadcasters have become more common place in the sports broadcasting field”, and she was inspired to become a sports broadcaster because she loves sports and she has seen a rise in women broadcasters.

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