Saturday, September 20, 2014

New Traditions in a Historic Community

Tinkerbell the Sheep (middle)
     As I walked through the bustling grounds of the Appalachian Festival I could not help but notice all the familiar faces of my peers. The Frostburg community was sharing the traditions and culture that they have grown accustomed to for years, and the Frostburg State University students came ready to learn. One student I ran into during the festivities was Roland Lovett. Roland has attended Frostburg State for four years now, but this was his first time attending the Appalachian Festival. As the sheep ate food off his fingers, he had a chance to interact with one of the women overseeing the small petting zoo. The attendant told Roland that the sheep he was petting was named Tinkerbell and that she was a one of a set of triplets. Roland continued to talk with the attendant and thanked her for all of her information. The interaction between Roland and the overseer was more than just a regular conversation. This interaction symbolized the growth of the relationship between the school and the community. Not only were students supporting the festival, but the staff of Frostburg state showed their support as well.

  On a beautiful sunny day in our beloved Frostburg community, The Appalachian Festival was full of the Appalachia sprit. In the midst of the heat, Frostburg State’s Counselor Shawn Golden- Llewellyn and her family have begun to create a tradition of their own. Shawn and her family have been attending the festival for two years now and want to make it a tradition with their children. Even Shawn’s husband Michael enjoyed the goat petting and dancing, stating, “the kids really love the goat petting and they love dancing with the band”. Shawn and Michael grew up in the Frostburg area and attended Frostburg State as undergrads. Michael met Shawn while she was working at the bookstore in the Lane Center. 15 years later, Michael and Shawn find themselves back at Frostburg sharing the culture that they know all too well. Shawn wants her children to be immersed in the culture around them and hopes that they “ understand the culture I grew up in”. What better place to get a taste of Appalachia than The Appalachian Festival in Frostburg? As the Golden-Llewellyn family enjoys the Garrett Highlands Pipes and Drums band, the children dance on the grass in front of Compton Science Center while the parents reminisce on their favorite part of the festival so far. One of Shawn and Michael’s favorite tables to visit is the Arts and Crafts table that offers homemade crafts from local vendors. Bailey Golden- Llewellyn enjoyed her handmade doll purchased for her by her parents. You could almost hear the excitement in Bailey's voice as she let her dad know that she loved the doll. Along with homemade Arts and Crafts, the Golden-Llewellyn family enjoyed the live music, great food, puppet show, and dancing.

 The Golden-Llewellyn family at The Appalachian Festival, 2014

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