Monday, September 22, 2014

Dancing away the time

Cesi Taboada: Dancing away the time
By Savannah Cover, ENGL 336.002

I sat down with Cesi Taboada a student at Frostburg State University on September 14, 2014. Cesi is a Mass Communication major and has Public Relations minor. During my time speaking to Cesi I asked her about her passions and past times and automatically her eyes lit up. “Dance, I am on Epictome which is a hip-hop dance club. I was also involved in Dance Company. There is also a new dance club called New Band that is coming up on the hush hush. I am also involved with Students for Women’s Issues as well, I am a feminist.”

 She also talks about how she is a self-taught dancer. She never was put in lessons or taught as a child, and while on her high school dance team she would ask her  teammate’s questions on how to do something that they did and get the basic overview and from there she would teach herself. Her parents wanted her to be a softball player. It was expected of her, and a family tradition “My grandfather came over from Cuba to play baseball professionally and my dad and uncle almost went pro as well. They didn’t exactly need me to go pro but they at least wanted me to be this awesome softball player.” I asked her what made her want to join a dance team in the first place “When I was in high school there was this team and they had the cutest skirts and I had to join to wear them.” Also, she told me about how she has always had dance come natural to her “When I was little I made up dances then showed my mom, who of course said they were good because, well, she’s my mom. Then I would teach other kids my dances to perform them.”
Although Cesi is a Mass Communication major she would love to dance as a career. “If I had it my way I would be a backup dancer for Beyonce” she said she would also settle with being on the Public Relations team for the Miami Heat. She says she would still hope to somehow get onto their dance team while working with the Public Relations department “All I really want to do is dance.” Hopefully, a career in dance is in Cesi future.

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