Monday, September 22, 2014

Free Spirited, Dancing Scorpio

Free Spirited, Dancing Scorpio
By: Alexa Nadwodny ENGL 336
On September 16, 2014 I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking to Davonne Yvette Walker. After being born in Baltimore, Davonne, along with her seven brothers and sisters spent the first few years of their life living in Western Baltimore. It wasn’t long until Davonne found herself packing up her life in Baltimore and moving thirty minutes outside of Baltimore to a town on the Eastern Shore, Kent Island, Maryland. Davonne was adopted by her aunt which was the main motive of the move. They moved into their grandfathers’ small country house until they built their house next door. She exclaimed, “When I tell you right next door, it is literally right next door girl!” When asked if she would rather live in the city or the country, she said “It’s good to have different backgrounds. I am from the city but lived in the country and now currently am living in the mountains!” She loves learning about people, history and the world around us.
Her free spirit and open mind definitely stood out as our conversation went on. At the age of five, she discovered her love for dancing and taught herself everything she knows today! “Instructors have helped me with some of my technique but when it comes to passion and heart, I taught myself.” Over the years, Davonne was a part of the Dance Company and a leader of Praise Dance Ministry. These brought out her leadership skills in which she still continues to use today at Frostburg State University. Her leadership skills are demonstrated as being a resident assistant in Annapolis. Davonne added, “I have five American residents but the rest are international students, from China I believe.” This sparked my interest on what brought Davonne to Frostburg. “I originally got accepted to Ohio State but with my personality I’d prefer a smaller school,” she proudly stated. Attached is a link to the Frostburg State University Resident Life staff and office for information.
I truly enjoyed sitting down and talking with Davonne, she even let me in on one of her secrets in the kitchen! Davonne and I share a favorite food, macaroni and cheese! She explained her homemade recipe and I look forward to trying it! Her determination to teach herself dance and then offering her skills to others shows a lot about her personality. Communications is the perfect major for her as she is a very good communicator! Davonne has a public relations minor even though she claims, “I hate writing but love the Writing Center!” She has worked for FSU-TV for the past three years in their public relations position. She hopes these experiences at Frostburg will lead to a bright future!

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