Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Look out Miami Here Comes Bubble Girl

Look out Miami Here Comes Bubble Girl
By: Cesi A. Taboada

Last week on September 14, 2014 I had the pleasure of speaking with 19 year old Savannah Cover, a junior at Frostburg State University. While speaking with Savannah she came to the conclusion that she should “stay in a bubble and be called bubble girl”. I was confused, until she said she has broken 9 bones and has had two surgeries. She has broken her ankle, right wrist twice, left wrist, five fingers, and a toe. She has also had knee and recently hip surgery. Most of these injuries are the result of- her passion-which is swimming. She was recruited to swim at Frostburg and North Carolina State. Originally she was going to attend NC State but unfortunately her father changed the plans and she was unable to attend. Furthermore she “would’ve been ranked best in the county for swimming” had she not injured herself. She seems to vividly remember how she tore her rotator cuff and broke her wrist. “I tore my rotator cuff while doing the butterfly stroke and I was just screaming bloody Mary. My dad went to pull me out of the pool and just ripped it more and I blacked out from the pain”.  Swimming wasn’t the only cause of her injuries because she broke her wrist dirt biking when the dirt bike fell on her wrist.

Savannah is a Mass Communications major and Public Relations minor. Although she says she still wants to figure out exactly what she wants to do with her life she has some ideas. Savannah wants to either work in the PR department of a major company like the Redskins or Miami heat or become a wedding planner. When she spoke about becoming an event planner her eyes lit up and after further explanation as to why she would enjoy that career it was clear why. “I love the little details, and I’m really organized. Plus how cool would it be if I can say I made someone’s big day happen”. Even though she hasn’t decided on which path to choose she made it clear that she plans to “leave the wretched Frostburg cold and move to Miami”. Hopefully Miami will bring her good luck so she won’t have to stay in a bubble.  


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