Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dream On

    Dream On
By: Wayne Cottman

     Katie was born on  November 19th, 1994 in Orange County, Virginia. She is an English major concentrating on creative writing and minoring in Journalism. One of her biggest pet peeves are grammatical errors and misuse of commas. In her own words she is a, "Grammar Nazi". Katie recently moved to Frostburg, MD because her dad got a job position at the university. Since her dad is a provost, she gets to attend the university for free. Avoiding horrific student loans and Sallie Mae was a big factor for her pursuing her academic studies at Frostburg.
       Katie is a very interesting and cool person. Some interesting things about her is her blunt attitude, piercings, and significance of tattoos .  She has three tattoos. one of them are life hearts located on her wrists. One of her other tattoos is 'Hero of Time" and its written across her fingers. Her third and final tattoo is a heart tattoo on her pinky. The reason for the heart tattoo on her pinky is because it's a symbolism of her and her boyfriends relationship. This tattoo is very personal for her because it will always be a memory. The Hero of Time written across her fingers is inspired by her favorite game the Legend of Zelda. "The Legend Of Zelda, has always created a perfect fantasy world for me to grow up in, and to this day I am moved by scenes and music from those video games."
        After interviewing her there is a side of Katie that is intriguing and far more complex. For instance, her views on artistic expression , living life to the fullest, and her dreams. Katie's view on life is "I don't have a easily simplified view on life. I just live in the moment and work harder to figure myself out than what's going on around me."
       When asked about her dreams Katie said, "My dream is to change the way people see reality through the power of words, aka my writing. I love tattoos and piercings, the human body is a blank canvas and I want to decorate it." Katie is definitely a unique individual and has a lot to offer artistically.

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