Monday, September 22, 2014

The Art of Sewing: Stacy Montenegro

The Art of Sewing: Stacy Montenegro
By Nicole “Feli” Carrington, ENG 336

            Think of all the hobbies we have in our world today. Everyone includes some sport, some electronic device, or does not really do something that is creative on the basis of creating something. But in this day and age, there are still a fair few who possess the talent for creation, one such person is Stacy Montenegro. A young lady, short yes, but full of fire. She has a lot to share with the world, and when you get her talking about something sweet or something she enjoys, a smile appears that could light up a room.

            Stacy has had the skill of making accessories, bags and the like, for some time through the art sewing. “My Grandma taught me how to sew…” is her explanation of such a feat. Not many people make their own bags and clothing, although Stacy did mention that she does not make clothing. She does however make other items but usually not for herself. “I make stuff for other people,” Stacy stated. Imagine, someone using a skill such as sewing to make her friends items rather than for herself. A true marvel to have such a talent and share it with others.

            She kindly shared her excitement later on when she mentioned that she had gotten a new sewing machine. She said she was "excited to start” on new projects of making backpacks and other accessories. Think about that, someone who shows excitement for receiving a new sewing machine in a generation where most would be excited to get a new PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. This talented girl is more pleased to sit down and make something for a friend than watch TV or play video games; such a wonder.

            Such a fabulous gift, but then she is blessed with one more creative gift, the gift of poetry. It is not for venting or to put her emotions on paper, like most people, but rather it is to get her ideas and thoughts in the open. In a sense to let her voice be heard. So many talents, all of which never deal with an electronic or other device. Her art form, her passion, comes from creation and that is a truly marvelous gift to have. 

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