Tuesday, September 23, 2014

In The Next Generation of Writers, We Give You...

     Austin Swanson, a very interesting classmate was interviewed on September 16th, 2014, and you might be looking for him in the next generation of writers. He currently attends Frostburg State University and his current concentration is Creative Writing. He's really into mystery, espionage, science fiction, and fantasy. He said "I don't know, with me, I started off reading science fiction, but in high school I started reading detective novels." Sadly, we'll be saying good-bye to him soon as this will be his last semester at FSU. While he's here, he currently lives off campus in Edgewood Commons and has 2 "interesting" roommates, one is an offensive guard football player.
     Following his career in writing, he took Intro to Fiction, Advanced Fiction, Intro to Poetry, Advanced Poetry, Foreman Theory, and Senior Workshop. Prior to coming to FSU, he went to Frederick Community College, and in high school, he took 2 AP classes: studio art and English "something or other" as he said. What he had to say about his experience writing, was "what they tell you in Fiction is don't stereotype, don't cliché."
   A little about his life you might want to know, he said that he used to play soccer from 1st to 9th grade, and when he was once goalie he said that he was "the worst goalie you've ever seen." He also had a brown belt in karate when he used to take it, and he had a State Trooper as an instructor. His parents had gotten divorced when he was only 4 years old, which brings us a look into his family life, the more interesting part of his interview. He said that his grandmother on his dad's side is "like the Godfather," because she's in control of everything in his dad's huge family, who also remarried twice. He then recalled a funny story about going to a wedding when he was younger, and how his uncle was mistaken for his father's dad. His grandmother on his mom's side had only been married once, and sadly, her husband had died in 2009 during Austin's freshman year in college, around Thanksgiving.
   That's enough to give a person an achy breaky heart, as we move on to his interest in music. Austin grew up listening to a lot of classic rock, and became a classic rock fan in the process, a little bit of a complication for his group of friends, who grew up either liking country, or classic rock, which Austin liked both, saying "I was always the one that walked the line, as Johnny Cash would say."

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