Monday, September 22, 2014

The Artist Within

By: Lashawn Williams
Section: 336.002

        Elise Duff, Frostburg State University senior and member of Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority. Elise is a Mass Communication major with a minor in Public Relations. Though Frostburg was not her first choice, Elise jumped at the opportunity before even visiting the campus. If I could some up this Gaithersburg native in a few words she would be adventurous, creative, bubbly, and kind-hearted.
       Elise adventurous side was sparked early on as a child as she looked for new things to get involved in. She has been playing soccer since the age of five. " I just loved to run" she said after being asked why she chose soccer.  She continued to share her interest in soccer throughout her life, and has recently become the President of the soccer club at FSU. Her first year at Frostburg Elise realized a new talent while taking an art class. Like many of us as kids Elise used to color in her coloring book trying to stay inside the lines, but this was nothing compared to what Susan Dodge's art class would  introduce her too. Elise's interest in art range from painting, sculpture making, charcoal drawing and others. During the time Elise was taking this course one artist in particular caught her eye, and that artist was Georgia O'Keeffe . She was instructed to do a Picasso piece in the styling's of any artist and she chose Ms. O'Keeffe. One of her favorite assignments was a 3D sculpture. It had a chicken wire mold, paper towel skin and features made from all kinds of trash. Although making something out of trash may seem bizarre this is a big part of what makes art such a creative process, being able to make something out of nothing. Her 3D woman was displayed on campus for all her peers to see.

3D Art Sculpture
Everything around us is artistic in some way. Last summer Elsie took her first cruise, one that would in fact paint her a picture of some of the most beautiful parts of the world.  She traveled from San Juan to Puerto Rico, Haiti and the Virgin Islands. She even got a chance to swim with the dolphins. I thought this was something that most people would think is very unique about Elsie, but she says "I'm too nice."

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