Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Brittany Buckel: Writing her own Future

Take a 20 year old, junior with a knack for writing, grammar, and a passion for English and you have Brittany Buckel. A native to the Grantsville, Md. Area; Brittany decided to take up her studies at Frostburg State University, not only because of the incredibly affordable tuition, but to be near her family. Brittany currently lives with her mom, stepdad, younger brother and sister.

Before she had it all figured out, Brittany was studying psychology here at our campus, until she decided to take a year off. A year that she spent working, and traveling, to our nation’s capital to visit her boyfriend. But not only did she spend that time visiting her special someone, she spent some time visiting the national museums, and catching up on her reading. Surely she enjoyed this time off since Brittany feels that, “it sucks that school starts so I can’t read as much.” So she spent some much needed time catching up on a few memoirs (nonfiction) and checking out different fiction genres, “anything except crime novels,” says Brittany. The time she took off from school helped her to center her thoughts and find a major that really spoke to her, English.

A future of work in the field of publishing is what Brittany has in mind. “I like buying and reading books, so I want to provide that pleasure for other people,” says Buckel.  Despite that fact that Brittany has received a job offer from the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (NPR), in writing or journalism. She has also been offered an internship at the Children’s National Hospital.  But she has decided to keep her eyes on the prize and pursue the field that she loves. Penguin Books USA, named one of the top five international publishing

companies would be a dream internship for Brittany. While publishing may be a dream of hers she has chosen not to limit herself to just one field. Brittany is also interested in possibly traveling and teaching English abroad. Spreading her love for a language to a new generation of young learners. 

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