Thursday, October 23, 2014

How safe is campus?

After speaking to a select few students about whether or not they were confident in the police on campus, I came across a variety of answers. Parents and guardians hope to send their prized possessions off into the real world on the right foot. Campus Security is a major factor that students and their family should consider while in the college searching process.
The first student I spoke with was Emily Tempestilli, a senior art major from Annapolis, Maryland. When I asked Emily the question on how confident she was in the police on campus she was in awe. "Truthfully I am shocked you asked that question but no not really I mean look at all that has been coming out lately!" The next student I spoke to was Viki Tucker, a business major focusing on marketing from Mt.Airy, Maryland.  I asked Viki the same question about the safety on campus and she replied with, "I mean they ruin the fun but I think they do a good job here. I'm pretty confident." Lastly, I got to speak with criminal justice major Jimmy Mowder from Eldersburg, Maryland. "This may be a little biased since I'm a criminal justice major but I am extremely confident they will keep us safe." 
With only three main opinions it is hard to make an assumption on how confident the campus of Frostburg State University is of the law enforcement on campus. We do know they are constantly improving and there is always room for improvement! Lastly, The students of Frostburg do thank the campus police for all their hard work. 

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