Thursday, October 23, 2014

Class Assignment

Thursday, October 23, 2014

They don't eat doughnuts all day

Since the beginning of the 2014 fall semester there has been a lot of talk about the campus police and their affect on the students. This afternoon on October 23, 2014 I spoke to three students about how confident they are in the campus police.

Brandy Wagoner a Mass Communications student from Waldorf Maryland felt pretty indifferent about the police because she "doesn't live on campus". However she assumes that they're good considering their the police. A Materials Engineering student named Kanja Kabbany had no reason to make assumptions because he has heard and has had experiences with the campus police. Kanja has seen many friends receive citations for party's and cookouts. He found it interesting that the first week of school "there were around 30 sexual assaults" but cops were far more focused on shutting down party's. It was clear from the irritated face he made when I asked the question that he lacks confidence in the campus police. Ebony Jones a Theater major from Waldorf Maryland is moderately confident in the campus police. She said "they're always cracking down on us,not trying to help us but, at least they do stuff and don't eat doughnuts all day". These students had very mixed opinions about the campus police but it was clear they had already had many other conversations about the police because the began referencing previous conversations with friends about this topic.

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