Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday, October 22nd In-Class Activity -Elise Duff

OCT 22.FSU CAMPUS--    On this sunny day, a class of journalism students set out to find how confident Frostburg State University students are in their Campus Police.
Freshman Taylor Simmons, a Business Administration major from Severna Park, says "apparently they respond to things quick." Simmons seems to have little experience but clear confidence. Senior, Kyler Redmond also has had little experience dealing with campus police but commented, "I see them around a lot, they're always out." Redmond, an English major from Middletown, sees them around often and Simmons uncovered that the police have a reputation of responding quickly; all reasons to have confidence in the force. The final word on this comes from Zachary Sparber, a Kinesiology student from Gaithersburg, Maryland. He speaks of being fairly confident, then Sparber laughs and notes that the police "definitely enforce parking."

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