Thursday, October 23, 2014

Trust in the System

By; Lashawn Williams

         There seems to be a disconnect between the students and the campus police here at Frostburg State University. Though they are here to protect and serve, some students feel the police are not doing that great of a job.

After speaking to several students hanging out in the Lane center today I gained a new perspective. When asked if he was confident in campus police, Nicholas Smoot said "I'm not confident in any police. They don't seems to be confident in themselves." He believes the police tend to use unnecessary tactics to make arrests. Business administration student, Imani Mincey definitely agreed that the police are not too friendly. She recalled an incident last week where an office supposedly tackled a guy for reasons unknown.

           I also talked to a young girl by the name of Celeste Cowell, athletic training major here at FSU. She didn't seem to have much to say about the police because she has never had a run in with them herself. She did say they gave off a vibe of a hidden agenda. "They can be petty. .on the low."

Is this a misconception? Are the police using their badges for the wrong reasons? Are our students really being protected?

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