Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween at Frostburg

When interviewing several people about what they are planning to do on Halloween, all the responses were very similar. When asking the first person, a Computer Science major named Ki Senese, who is from Lonaconing, Maryland, responded by saying, “Nothing much. Watch horror movies with friends.” He said that he doesn’t usually do much on Halloween anymore.

                When interviewing the second person, her response was very similar. Erin, originally from Prince George’s County, but currently living in Calvert County, explained that, “My dorm’s doing a horror movie marathon.” Erin, a Chemistry major said that she does not do that much on Halloween either, but always looks forward to it, especially for the movies. She explained that she always feels strange watching seasonal movies when it is not that time of the season.

                The third person I interviewed did have a different response compared to the previous two though. Scully, an Art major, who lives in Silver Spring, said she is, “Throwing a costume party.” Scully seemed liked she was looking forward to it.

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