Thursday, October 23, 2014

Students Perspective on Campus Police

      At Frostburg State University there are various opinions about the campus police. Some students believe that the campus police are doing their job pretty well, providing a safe environment for students, and handle situations pretty fairly. Other students having opposing views. Some students believe that the campus police aren't as reliable, not as fair,and or don't have confidence in the campus police.
     With many places to go and many faces on campus; I had no idea where to even began interviewing. The library is a quiet environment, so that was out of the question. A lot of students were in classes in the new CCIT building. So it dawned on me. I decided to interview people at my favorite place on campus, the Lane center. I don't know why I didn't think of it before. A lot of students were there to eat and I could buy snacks after I finished up the assignment a little before hand.

     The first person that I interviewed was Shawn Stabile. He is an earth science major and he is in the graduating class of 2017. Shawn is from Reisterstown, MD and he has spent both of his collegiate years at Frostburg. He was very calm, relaxed, and engaging during the interview. When I asked him, "How confident are you in the campus police?" He simply chuckled in confusion and said, "I'm very confident that the campus police can perform their duties well and keep the campus students in a safe environment."
     The second person that I spoke with was Kyle Hopkins. He is a psychology major and he is currently a junior at the university. Kyle is from Prince George's County, MD. Before I interviewed him he was very approachable and calm. As I interviewed him he I learned that he was funny guy. He would consistently joke and smile during the interview. Not in a creepy way just in a weird funny way that makes you laugh. I asked him, "How confident are you in the campus police?" He scratched his head looking at the ceiling, while laughing and thinking simultaneously. He said, "Umm let me think... Ok got it. From the 3 years that I've been here  campus police have been doing a decent job and making sure that there hasn't been any fatalities on campus."

       The third and final person I spoke with was Dasia Scott. She is marketing major at the university and is in the graduating class of 2017. She is from Prince George's County, MD. Dasia was very nice but it was obvious she has somewhere to be by her body language of fast movements and very quick brief responses. "Dasia, how confident are you with the campus police?" Dasia said, "I don't have an exact opinion about them because I rarely see them except at late at lane when there events. So, I don't really have much of an opinion."

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