Thursday, October 23, 2014

How Confident Would You Be?


       At Frostburg State University, it would appear that the students have very mixed opinions about the campus police and how confident they are in them doing their job, or if they are able to protect the students and whatnot. After having interviewed 4 students on campus near the Lewis J. Ort library, here is what some students had to say:

      Mckenzie Smitson, the very first student asked about her confidence in the campus police stated "Umm... I don't know.. I'm not really confident in any kind of police. But I haven't really seen them [the campus police] around." Meg Jordy, a sophomore and the second student interviewed said she wasn't sure about her confidence levels at first, saying "Uhh... I don't know... Pretty sure...? What exactly do you mean..?" then asked what exactly was meant by the question at hand. When she was asked how confident she was that the police were doing their job then she said "Oh, yeah well then I'm pretty confident." The third student interviewed was Ronjae James, and she was pretty straight forward with her answer of how she was "not too confident" in the police, and said nothing more. Finally, the fourth student, Woodland Benton came straight out and said he was "very confident" in the campus police.

     So it can be agreed on that some students are pretty confident in the police, some have a mixed view, some have yet to see the police in action, and others are not too confident in the police, whether this is because of how police are portrayed in today's society, or if the campus police actually do help with students.

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