Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween at Frostburg

By: Wayne Cottman

     Halloween is a favorite holiday amongst many. It brings out the inner child and creativity out of everyone. There are many unique costumes, parties, decorations, and many events. Let's not forget the best part, trick or treating of course. Halloween has personally been a top favorite because of all the festivities that it has.With Halloween quickly approaching this upcoming Friday, I decided to go out and interview some fellow undergraduate students to see what there plans were for the 31st of October.
       The first person that I came across to interview was Ashley Smith. She is in the 2017 graduating class at Frostburg and majors in Law and International Studies. When I asked her what her plans were for Halloween. Ashley laughed and said, "I don't know what my plans are? I haven't really thought about it." This was a little shocking because this was the first time I have heard of a young person that didn't have plans for Halloween unless they had strong opposing religious views against the holiday.
        The second person that I interviewed was Kendra Stephenson. She is a Business Administration--Marketing major and is in the 2017 graduating class. When I asked Kendra what her plans were for Halloween. She smiled and said, " On Halloween I'll be going with the school and some of my friends to the Fright Farm in Pennsylvania."     
         Kimera Peterson was the third person I spoke to about her plans this Friday on Halloween. She is a Materials Engineering major and is in the graduating class of 2017. "What are your plans fpr Halloween Kimera?" "I will be going home this weekend and spending Halloween with all my family." There are many things to do this Halloween and the students on campus plan to enjoy the festivities being held this Friday.

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