Friday, October 24, 2014

Campus Confidence

In an attempt to shake up his class today, Professor. Duncan sent his journalism students out to for a loaded question on their minds. “How confident are you in the campus police?” The tasks at hand, find three students at Frostburg State University, and get their scoop.

Lane University Center was abuzz with students eating, chatting, and raising awareness. Walking through I came across 2014 Homecoming Queen Ly-anh McCoy, a mass communications major from Baltimore, MD; and a friend of hers who wanted to remain anonymous. I asked them, “How confident are you in the campus police?” The response:

“How confident am I? Very confident, I love the job they are doing.”
“You’re lying.”
*laughs* “Well what do you want me to say? I mean they do their job.”
“Well I think they do a good job.”
I proceeded to ask for his name when he told me he wanted to remain anonymous and walked away. A strange but understandable reaction to such a heavy question.

Elementary education major, Samantha Mannas, from Sykesville, Md. has more of an indifferent stance towards campus patrol. “I’m semi-confident in them. They are there when you need them but they tend to intrude a on a lot of things, unnecessarily.”  The mention of party invasions and noise violations came from Liz Farinholt, a Music Management from Pasadena, Md. Liz praises those saying she’s, "confident in knowing that they will be there if I need them." But she puts her view into perspective stating, "But I don't necessarily agree with some of their rules."

Indifferent responses from all three students, seem to say that while the campus police may be doing their job, there may be a little more, they can contribute to the campus.

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