Thursday, October 23, 2014

Campus Police and Students

Many of the students on campus have varying beliefs on the campus police and if they are doing their jobs correctly or not. When confronted, they are more than willing to tell their ideas of campus police or how terrible the police force is. However, the people questioned were not like that. In fact all three of them had pretty much the same view of the campus police. All of them seemed to believe that the police force here on campus was doing their job, was competent for their job, and were a generally nice and helpful.

One of the people asked, Steven Alexander McAfee, a double major in psychology and English from Port Tobacco, Maryland, stated, "I haven't had any experiences with them before but they seem very capable." He then continued to say that any interactions he did have with the campus police were good ones and that them seemed very helpful and nice. Another of the students questioned, Alexander Stevens LaFemina, an undecided major from Grand Rapids, Michigan, had a very similar response as Steven. He claimed, "I have never seen them, but they have the power of arrest." Alexander took a more entertaining approach to the question but he still believed them to be a proper authority that should be respected, he even went so far as to compare them to mall cops.

The last person actually did have interactions and experience with the campus police. Kai Louis Senese, a major in computer science from Lonaconing, Maryland, had a hit and run with his car and the campus police assisted him. He saw them as competent to do their jobs, good for the campus and stated, "I don't really have any complaints about them." All of these people viewed the campus police as being good for the school, respectable, and good at their job. Other views may vary, but this is a good sign that maybe it is not all that bad for the campus.

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