Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Fall Timey Wimey

    Students at Frostburg State University are enjoying the fall semester, at least the last few days before the snow starts coming in. Here we have a picture of  Marina Matkovich from Montgomery County, a social work and sociology major on her way to the library. When asked about her plans for Halloween, she said she "wasn't sure yet."

   Marina wasn't the only one getting her picture taken today. Here we have a picture of the FSU clock tower this warm fall evening.
  The shrubbery and trees near the Lane Center are also preparing for the Fall weather, turning a beautiful red and yellow as the weather gets colder.
Here we have a nice photo of the trees and bushes near FSU's Dunkle Hall. Take a good look at the dark red and green that the leaves are turning. Almost a signal that Christmas is around the corner (after Halloween and Thanksgiving of course).

And finally, look what we have here, a bush that decided to photo bomb the birds that wanted their photos taken. At least it's leaves are that pretty yellow-green color right?

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