Thursday, October 23, 2014

Opinions on the Frostburg Campus Police

When interviewing students about how they personally feel about the campus police at Frostburg State University, there were a few different responses. Dom Rogers of Hampstead, Maryland, who is an English major, explained that he’s never really seen them in action, and never really needed to call them either, but he did say he felt fifty-fifty on the matter. “I feel sort of . . . neutral.”

                When asking how another student named John, from Cumberland, Maryland, a Communication Studies major, felt about the campus police, while in Lane Center, he said he didn’t really have an opinion on the matter. He said they were very good at handing out traffic violations, but also felt that they are, “not around at key times.” He explained that if he actually needed them, for example if he was walking across campus at night and felt unsafe, that the campus police would not help him in the way that he felt they should.

                The last student I asked whose name was Alexa and is originally from Burke, Virginia, explained that she felt, “pretty confident in them.” Being a Music Education major, and an RA in one of the freshman buildings, she seemed fairly confident in them. She explained that they’ve had to come into her particular building a couple times this semester, and said they were very kind and knowledgeable, but also dealt with the problems in an efficient manner.

                Overall, it seems that if a student at Frostburg were to need the campus police, they seemed fairly confident that they could and would help. It does seem like not many students actually need them, and therefore did seem hesitant to say anything bad about them, but nonetheless felt like if they needed help, the campus police would respond.

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