Thursday, October 23, 2014

Student Confidence in Campus Police

Have you ever wondered about the confidence that students at Frostburg State University have in the campus police? Today, I spoke with three students who had something to say.

Akouvi Yigan-Kohoe, a Psychology major from Gaithersburg, Maryland didn't seem to have much confidence in the abilities of the campus police. Based on information that she has heard, Akouvi said, "the police officer might tell her to get over it or something," speaking on the issue of sexual assault.

Ariel Satchell, a Nursing student from Baltimore, Maryland said, "I think that they may do a good job because they patrol the area a lot." From things others have told her, Ariel thinks that the campus police may be biased. She said, "I've heard stories that they don't protect certain people."

Joshua Willam Lee Bowen, an Exercise and Sports Science major from Waldorf, Maryland immediately conveyed his hatred towards the campus police. He said, "they're extremely good at their jobs; they're everywhere." However, that being said, his loathing comes from the outrageous number of parking tickets he has received by them; $350 worth to be exact. He received a parking ticket once for having his permit turned the opposite way. "They look too highly at extortion. They're strictly about money."

All of the students thought that the campus police excelled in certain areas of their jobs; however, they were not confident in their abilities to help students who have been sexually assaulted, or have experienced other similar crimes. Shouldn't the campus police be trusted to help students in the various types of crimes that are committed on campus?

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