Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pyramid Scheme or a Genuine Business Opportunity?

Ever wonder what it would be like to be rich? Think about it, having fancy cars, mansions, your own private jet, going on countless vacations, having the ability to do as you please when you please and be set for life is almost everyone’s dream. That is the kind of life that the people at Vemma promise you when you work for their company. This up and coming health food company is most famous for its doctor recommended energy drink, Verve, in which they claim to be the most powerful liquid antioxidant. The drink has multiple vitamins and nutrients and, might I say, is very tasty. It is also proven to literally prevent hangovers when you use it as a chaser after an alcoholic beverage, something Frostburg Students surely can appreciate
When first hearing about this business venture, the words “pyramid scheme”, “rip off”, and “con artists” were floating around in my head. So to be further informed, I invited several of my friends to attend an information session on the business with me that was being held in the Lane center. The room was dim-lit, cramped, hot, and crowded with about 25-30 people. To be honest I think the fact that a majority of guys attended the program made the room smell like underarms. The hour and a half long presentation, led by Tyler Mackechnie, a 19-year old freshman who is currently the owner of a company owned 2013 BMW, stated that “You’re not gonna learn about how to shoot a jumps hot from a hockey player”, his point being that listening to professors who only make about $50,000-$60,000 a year is not going to make you the kind of money you want to make and get you where you want to be. John Wallop, another guy involved with the company, said “you just need to listen to the people that know how to make money." Not too long ago Jake Queen was also skeptical about the whole thing at first. Before Vemma, he was working minimum wage delivering pizzas at the time, now he’s making about $1,000 a week just by referring people to become a part of this company.  Queen then told his story about how he got introduced to Vemma and gave some words of wisdom, a lesson he has learned in which he now attributes his success to today.
The company targets young college students to work as employees because our generation is the most connected, and the only way they get information out about their product is by network marketing. You probably never heard much about Vemma before because they don’t like to waste money by spending tens of thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising efforts. Instead, they use a majority of the revenue they earn to pay employees. Because this company is heavily dependent on network marketing, like Avon or Amway, they rely on employees/customers to design a webpage and get as many people they can to sign up under their account; therefore, bringing in more money for the company and themselves for each referral. But unlike those other two companies I mentioned before, the benefits reaped by employees are much more easily attainable and reached in a short amount of time.

Other established drink companies, such as Coke, have already tried to buy the company and offered them billions of dollars to put the drink under their label, but Vemma declined despite the fact that they are currently worth only Millions of dollars.
The success of this company is obviously booming if I may say so myself. With a grade of A+ by the Better Business Bureau, which is better than Google and Starbucks, and an expansion to over 60 other countries this year, this is a business that is going to take the world by storm and strengthen the economy in a couple of years, one that I will personally be proud to become a part of.
Queen’s piece of advice to the group was to “basically pay attention to what’s going on around you…do the right thing and don’t do the popular thing because the popular thing is being poor.”  
Want to find out more about this great business opportunity? There is a Vemma information meeting every Tuesday @ 7pm in LUC 110 or 111. All students are welcome so bring a friend! 

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