Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Perfect Award Show

As students come down the stairs in the Lane University Center, they are greeted by red ropes shaping a line. Students, alumni, and family members and friends crowd the two lines. One line is for people who have reserved seating and the other line for those with regular box office seats. Both lines are long and crowded. Outside the doors, staff members stand awaiting their moment they will open the doors and accept tickets. It is 6:50 and the doors to the Armah are finally being opened, tickets are being ripped, and the line begins to move towards the entry into the Paparazzi Perfect fashion show.

Paparazzi Perfect models
As people began to fill the seats, somewhere in the room, the disc jockey put on some music from rapper 2 Chainz. The room was filled with chatter as time went on and people were still trickling in. The music slowly deceased and finally, the lights dimmed. The music returned and the Paparazzi Perfect models began to walk through the Armah entrance doors. The show had begun and all eyes were on the entering models. Their walks were slow and sexy. They wore red, black, and white leotards with nude tights underneath. When the beat dropped, they began modeling. Twisting and turning, dipping and dancing. This is what Paparazzi Perfect is known for and what everyone had been waiting for.

Paparazzi Perfect is an organization made up of students who enjoy theatrical modeling since 2007. Unlike other on-campus organizations, such as African Student Alliance and Black Student Alliance, Paparazzi Perfect is one of kind and is featured only on the Frostburg State University’s campus.

Krista Hart, a sophomore transfer student, says she was looking forward to the show. “I’ve never been to their show before,” she says. “I’m expecting to see a lot of spinning and twirling. Stuff I can’t do in my heels,” she states as she laughs. Aside from hearing good things about their show, she also added that she wanted to support her friend, junior Danielle Mitchell, who was a model in the show.

Needless to say, as the show progressed, the audience received the Award Show themed show very well. There were six scenes; Welcome to Hollywood, Creativity Award, Dynamic Duo Award, Swim Award, Live Performance, and Models of the Year. Each scene included models dancing, twirling and the creativity was quite obvious. Paparazzi Perfect president, Jasmyn Bullock, says that they “never have a problem selling out.”  “We always put on a good show,” she adds.

This year at the show, the modeling organization also included a reality/behind the scenes video in their show. The video depicted bits and pieces from the Paparazzi Perfect practices and focused on the three board members; Jasmyn Bullock, Aisha Thomas, and Jarred Sleets. 

The video was positively received by the audience. During the video, each board member introduced themselves and the models were individually interviewed to talk about one minor problem with each board member. When models were interviewed about Jasmyn for example, the models discussed how she always brought food to practice. When the models were interviewed about them, it was the footage along with the hilarious commentary from the models that made the video so funny.
Paparazzi Perfect also showed the audience that FSU has talent. During the Live Performance models were modeling clothing by a fellow FSU student, Lateef Gazel. During this modeling scene, another FSU student Kevante Edmondson began rapping.
At the end of the show, the board members took the stage and thanked all of those who helped out with the show. They also announced the new board members; India Gross, Darrell Smith, and Alexis Flowers.
At the end of the show, senior model Sade Steppe-Salem exhaled and smiled and said, “I think the show went well and I’m glad everyone enjoyed it.”

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