Monday, April 29, 2013

Peter Pan… Or The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up

Saturday, April. 27, 2013 on the final night of the play “Peter Pan…or the Boy Who Would Not Grow Up” began at 7:30 pm with tickets costing $6 for students and $12 for general admission. The play took place in the drama theatre as seat after seat began to fill with children from the ages of three (3) to adults up to the age of 60. The crowd sat and chatted amongst themselves as the anticipation for the opening act grew more and more as the time went by. Before the play began Wendy (played by Shelby Herbert), John (played by Scott Turner) and Michael (Trevor McCabe who was also the director’s son) introduced themselves as children of Mr. & Mrs. Darling (played by Peregrine Herlinger & Maureen Groff) in the year 1904. They assured that in the time of 1904 the invention of cell phones were not thought of they requested that everyone turn off their cell phones and other electronic devices as it could interfere with the sound FX and other equipment they used in the play. Hoping we enjoy the play, they walked off the stage one by one to prepare for their opening act. As the curtain raised Wendy, John and Michael were tucked away in bed as a voice over of their parents Mr. & Mrs. Darling introduced themselves and encouraged us to take a look into their lives as a middle class barely making it family survived in the world. “I’m the only breadwinner in this house why aren’t I being cuddled… am I the master or the sheep here” stated Mr. Darling as he walked away after being pressured about money. Mrs. Darling walked over to her children to kiss them goodnight and wish them sweet dreams exited the scene shortly after her last child had fell asleep. Then as soon as they were sleep Wendy was awaken by a breeze from the window and saw a little boy sitting on the window sill. She invited him into the room and began to question him...Who are you? What’s your name? Why are you out there? Where did you come from? Before Wendy could ask another question the boy answered and said Peter Pan (played by Hayley Schott). Peter told her he had been coming there for a while now to hear stories and that he’s ran away from home because his mother wants him to go to school be smart and most importantly grow up. Wondering why he had run away from home he softly said because his mother doesn’t love him. While peter attempted to leave out the window she asked Peter where he lived “2nd star to the right and follow the sun I live in the Neverlands”. After Wendy, Michael and John begged Peter to take them to the Neverlands they had one problem, they couldn’t fly. Finally being able to fly to the Neverlands Wendy, John and Michael meet Peter Pan’s friends the lost boys, the pirates and Captain Hook (played by Peregrine Herlinger). “Do what you want with the others but I want the captain; Peter Pan” Captain Hook said as his quest for Peter Pan intensified. Hiding from Captain Hook and the pirates the lost boys and Peter Pan try to persuade Wendy and her brothers to stay in the Neverlands. Wendy and her brothers began to miss their parents and wanted to leave the Neverlands just when Captain Hook captured the lost boys Wendy and her brothers. Preparing Wendy to walk to plank the day was saved thanks to Peter Pan. After a sword fight between Hook & Pan Captain Hook was defeated and fled the scene as the lost boys and Wendy were released. Victory was won and although Pan did not want them to leave Wendy suggested that Peter and the lost boys come home with them they all fly back home with them and sooner than they thought Peter and the lost boys were adopted into the Darling Family. The play was excellent. I loved every minute of it from the costumes made by Dustin Shaffer, the accents, special effects, interaction with the crowd, comedy and well-rounded actors and actresses. The play was a lot like the book and movies but with a twist. I would most definitely go see the play again… that’s how good it was. If you're interested in auditioning for a role in a play or want to find out more, you can call the Theatre and Dance office at 301-687-7462 from 9AM to 12:30PM and 1:30PM to 4PM, Monday through Friday, or check out the Frostburg State University Events page to get more details.

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