Thursday, April 4, 2013

March Madness: Q&A with Gerry LaFemina

      The 3. am society was proud to host a Q &A with none other than the proprietor of the Creative Writing Center, Gerry LaFemina. During his visit he was kind enough to offer his treasure trove of information to the dwindling group in an attempt to raise excitement and membership. Additionally, LaFemina advertised his new book Clamor, which he wrote during his sabbatical last semester.

       In the two hours that LaFemina graced the group, he took many questions about poetry and fiction writing, and answered a barrage of questions; the questions ranged from the mundane: "When do you usually write fiction/ poetry." In which LaFemina responded "I usually write whenever and wherever. It just happens." To the more existential questions:"Does poetry need a point?"  To which he replied" No, and that's the beauty of it (poetry) opposed to fiction, where you owe it to the reader to have a point." member, Vera Pastor, seemed very impressed by Gerry's extensive knowledge of fiction writing: "Wow, I really thought he was just a poet, but I have new respect for him as a fiction writer."
Likewise, Michelle Queen thought the Q&A was "Par for course. An interesting and enjoyable break from the usual."

     The group really seemed to take something from this interview, and they hope to have more Q&A sessions with knowledgeable writers on campus and off.

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